Our Properties

Torrington Downtown Partners acquired 7 buildings in the heart of downtown Torrington in September 2010, including 106,000 square feet and 102 apartment, retail and office units.

The properties include:

1) 5-7 Water Street.

2) 11-19 Main Street.

3) 29-57 Water Street.

4) 15-23 Water Street.

5) 73-83 Main Street.

6) 19 Maiden Lane.

7) 174 Prospect Street.

Key existing tenants include Bender Showrooms, Illustra Beauty Salon, Artwell Gallery, Laraia’s Tobacco Shop, Digital Network Arena, Kathrina’s Fitness Studio, O’Sullivan’s Jewelers, Bijoux, Nirvana Cafe and Juice Bar and Barking Dog Guitar Traders.

For more information about leasing space, contact torringtondowntownpartners@gmail.com.


2 Responses to Our Properties

  1. Melissa says:

    I wholeheartedly support this initiative, and would love to see the greenway/river walk project completed. I’m curious, are there currently decent apartments available in the downtown area?

  2. Louise Coogan Beecher says:

    Are there apartment for rent? I have left messages at an office # saying I am interested in a craigs list posting for apartments with no reply. Please let me know if there are indeed apartments for rent within this downtown area. The posting said heat included, 2-3 bedroom starting at $750, true? Thanks for your time. Please contact me via email.

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