How You Can Be Involved

Torrington Downtown Partners LLC is offering the community at-large a unique opportunity to be a part of downtown revitalization efforts.

Community members can invest in this project with $100 memberships that in the future could entitle them to vote on choices about the development of the properties, such as aesthetics of building renovations. The $100 will also entitle members to discounts at some of the properties’ retail tenants, including Bender Showrooms.

Checks can be made out to Torrington Downtown Partners LLC, 79 Main St., Torrington, CT 06790.

For more information, email


7 Responses to How You Can Be Involved

  1. Kristine Schick says:

    This is a fantastic idea. I want to participate as a member.

    I have always entertained the idea of owning one of the Water Street apartments or if the Maiden Lane Apartments were revitalized I think they would be fantastic too…staying overnight for a Warner performance….great idea, no?

    I am also a huge fan of the River Walk/Bike trail idea. Local relatives huffed at the $1M pricetag and that is the old school thinking that you have to ignore.

    I am glad you have formed this partnership.


    My check will be in the mail on Monday!

  3. DosGhost says:

    you guys should have installed wordpress on your domain instead of going with a cheap sub domain on it would look more professional. 🙂 if you guyes want i can put all this on your main domain. checks in the mail

  4. The time has come for everyone to be totally involved in a glorious downtown. How lucky we are that downtown Torrington has so many interesting and historical buildings and that a group is willing to put their hard earned dollars, their energy and their hearts into this project. I want to participate and just know that Main St. will become a destination point. Despite the naysayers, I have seen on a first hand basis how Coe Memorial Park turned the area around, attracted interest state/nation wide, and how proud residents are of it. Count me in.

  5. FatSean says:

    How much to buy a share? I’d rather invest more than $100 and perhaps see a return on my investment.

  6. Paul-Y says:

    I love this town. Being a transplanted New Yorker, I see traces of White Plains circa 1965 here–Art Deco affectations, small buildings, and a real hometown feeling. I love what’s happening, BUT we should also be careful not to turn into the “Hair” capital of the world. I have seen over 7 or 8 hair places in a 600 yard radius. From Illustrious, to Hair Acadamies to second floor Hair Salons. Being involved not only means sending in money but attending Zoning meetings, and being careful about what comes into this town. We need Starbucks, more artists, living in the downtown.

    Bringing in artists, galleries and culture will bring people into the town.

    We need developers like you guys who can bring a sense of updated community and a sense-of-place here. A “Sense of Place” means that when you walk the streets from one shop to another you feel like you’re in one place that you can shop in for hours. Continuity, collaborative efforts by store owners and desire to grow are of paramount importance.

    When I walk the streets after a show at the Warner on a Friday, or Saturday shops should be open late and they are not! Business owners can’t be lazy, complain about how their numbers are down and close at 5pm on the nose. There needs to be an expanded sense of community within the community. Then you can have the renaissance you desire.

    Start by donating! I will first thing Monday.

  7. Susan says:

    We’re excited to see Torrington take on an exciting new and long needed boost. Please everyone involved – take a drive up to Great Barrington and take a good look– it’s the perfect model for T-Town! Let’s encourage banks, restaurants, insurance offices, tech businesses, art galleries and lots of unique little shops to settle here by keeping rental costs affordable, thus creating the perfect setting for both locals AND weekenders to visit/shop. I’d also like to see the UCONN/Torrington branch move downtown which will attract students of all ages. Parking has always been a BIG problem in Torrington — parking meters say “no – don’t park here!” Take the blasted things down and instead encourage passersby to pull over and shop. Also – create some open parking space that everyone can use, share and don’t allow a certain few businesses to hoard prime parking space! Looking forward to change!

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